Kaydo Group L.t.d.

Kaydo Group L.t.d. is a leader in the field of warehouse, store and market equipment, offering design, construction and maintenance of shelves, racking systems, equipment and accessories for your business.
We can provide you the best option for organizing your warehouse with optimal price / quality ratio. We offer a complete range of pallet and non-pallet racking systems and additional elements for storage of light and heavy duty loads, classic pallet system, as well as individual solutions; shelving systems DRIVE IN, dynamic shelving systems – PUSH BACK and LIVE STORAGE, as well as mobile pallet systems, archive shelving, equipment for your warehouse or shop, service and maintenance of the warehouse.
We also offer a wide range of high-quality supermarket, store, kiosk shelves, cash modules, checkout desks, input-output systems and elements, stands and all accessories for supermarkets, grocery stores, clothing, shoes, beauty, industrial goods, auto parts, building materials,
bookstores, gas stations and more.