Mezzanine racking systems are especially designed to create additional workspace in high spaces, optimizing the airspace of the warehouse. They allow combining pallet racks, light and medium- heavy shelving systems with a working platform. Mezzanine racks offer virtually unlimited combinations of accessories such as walkways, railings, stairs, doors, additional shelving farms, etc. Levels and paths of Mezzanines can be covered with plywood, steel grating, MDF, chipboard, metal platform, etc. Floor Mezzanine racks are fully removable and can be used repeatedly. The structure, size and location of this type of shelving
are easily modified. Advantages of the system: – Increase the capacity of the working space in the warehouse – increase the capacity of industrial and business facilities – the system maximizes the usage of space in height – different types of structures depending on the specific requirements – opportunity to complete, due to the modular structure – viable option for construction of additional warehouse floors